PVC, aluminium, wood windows… which model to choose?

especially the aesthetics of your closures. The decision between wood, aluminum and PVC is not an easy one, since everything will depend on the result you expect, but also on your budget. Let’s discover the disadvantages and advantages of each…

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What are the advantages of a stone and wooden house?

Like most things in everyday life, the current trend in construction is towards the use of organic and environmentally friendly materials such as wood and stone. It is important to know that these are not new materials. But what are…

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Italian shower design for a luxurious bathroom

The Italian shower is a heritage of ancient Rome, having a simple and attractive aesthetic it has become more and more popular nowadays. Its adaptability is its main feature. The Italian shower is based on the principle of being a…

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How to use the gel beads for a bouquet of flowers?

Gel beads, also known as water pearls, are ideal decorative items to sublimate a bouquet of flowers. These practical and aesthetic products are most suitable for decorating transparent vases. They are used, for example, to decorate the feet of an…

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