especially the aesthetics of your closures. The decision between wood, aluminum and PVC is not an easy one, since everything will depend on the result you expect, but also on your budget. Let's discover the disadvantages and advantages of each material in order to make the right choice.

PVC windows

When it comes to the choice of material for your windows, everything depends on the budget and the design you want to achieve. PVC windows have become very popular lately because they offer many advantages in terms of price/quality ratio. Indeed, PVC is a cheap material and yet it offers a wide choice of models. You will be able to modulate it according to your desires and tastes. This being the case, the range of colours is not very varied, unlike aluminium. If PVC windows are also very popular, it is thanks to their insulating and resistant properties. If you have a limited budget, but want durable and insulating windows, this is the solution for you.

Aluminum windows

Just like PVC windows, aluminium windows also have very strong and insulating properties. Since it is a lightweight steel, it can take on any shape you wish. In fact, aluminium is a very versatile material, which will satisfy those who appreciate stylish and customised closures. In addition, it offers a wide choice of colours, so it's up to you to choose your favourite. It is also important to note that aluminium does not require much maintenance. This is a great advantage. As for the price of the window, it remains considerably affordable. In addition, it offers an inexhaustible palette of designs.

Wooden windows

Unlike PVC or aluminium windows, wooden windows are not always accessible to all budgets. Being a noble material, the price of a wooden window is much more expensive than a PVC or aluminium window. However, these advantages are also very important. For those who love elegance and chic, this material is ideal. You can choose an individual design or a design made by a craftsman, in fact, the choice of design is almost unlimited since wood is easier to work with. Its disadvantage is that it requires much more maintenance, however, wooden windows are largely durable over the long term. They can last up to 25 years if they are well maintained.