Published on : 07 April 20222 min reading time

Like most things in everyday life, the current trend in construction is towards the use of organic and environmentally friendly materials such as wood and stone. It is important to know that these are not new materials. But what are their advantages and potential disadvantages?

Why choose a stone house?

A stone house is first and foremost a solid house that will withstand the bad weather of the climate and possible natural disasters that may occur. In addition to this main advantage, a stone house is also ideal for good thermal insulation. Indeed, stone captures calories and therefore heat and then redistributes it in space gradually, which is very beneficial for thermal comfort. So, this will reduce the energy expenses of a house. Building a stone house also means reducing the environmental impact to save resources and protect the planet. Choosing stone as a building material means responding to current issues by using an inexhaustible, non-polluting and recyclable material. However, building a house in stone has its drawbacks. The main obstacle that hinders the use of stone is its high price.

Why build a wooden house?

In addition to stone, there is also wood if you absolutely want to build an ecological house. The advantage of wood is the construction cost, which is much lower than for a conventional construction. Indeed, a wooden house requires a smaller foundation than a traditional house. A wooden house is also resistant. According to some connoisseurs, a wooden house is much more resistant than a concrete or metal house. Especially in case of fire, a wooden structure will give way much more slowly than a metal structure, and will release, in addition to that, less toxic gases. Furthermore, wood is 12 times more insulating than concrete, while being thinner. It therefore offers better thermal insulation.

Disadvantages of a wooden house

However, a wooden house also has disadvantages such as thermal inertia, which is lower compared to other materials. It also requires regular maintenance to maintain its longevity. On the other hand, a wooden house can offer a bad image for some people. Indeed, some people often associate this type of house with a small hut built to make up for the lack of budget for a traditional house.