Gel beads, also known as water pearls, are ideal decorative items to sublimate a bouquet of flowers. These practical and aesthetic products are most suitable for decorating transparent vases. They are used, for example, to decorate the feet of an orchid in a pot. The particularity of these hydrated gel beads is that they can be used to feed flowers without having to maintain them for 2 or 3 weeks.

How do the gel beads work for a bouquet of flowers?

These products are available in garden centres, decoration stores and florists and are sold dehydrated with or without colouring. In addition to replacing the water in vases, they can also replace flower peaks. By putting them in a vase, these decorative accessories can keep flowers upright. Before being able to fill glasses or transparent vases with hydrated bunch gel beads, they must first be soaked in water to increase their volume. Before they turn into pretty water pearls, these hydrating gel beads are small, solid objects. It takes 6 to 8 hours for the mini beads to transform into fully rehydrated and decorative beads.

Create gel beads with beautiful colours

To personalise and surprise your guests, you can create a two-coloured vase. This will require gel beads in 2 different colours. For even more surprises, opt for multicoloured water pearls or regularly change the colours of the hydrated gel beads by adding silver or gold glitter or other bright colours. These decorative products can be used to create a table runner thanks to a series of glass vases in many sizes and shapes.

Water pearls for magical bouquets of flowers or creative hobbies

The advantage with these decorative products is that they come in different shapes: crystals, cubes, banknotes and water pearls. Using them in a bouquet of flowers improves their aesthetics. Water pearls have a more than aesthetic advantage since the hydrated gel notes that accompany the bouquet of flowers can also be used to simplify the maintenance of a plant by putting the famous pearls in a vase. Thanks to this product, you can be away for 2 to 3 weeks without having to water the flowers. This is quite practical if you are going on holiday, don't always have time to take care of your plants or just because you are lazy.