Contemporary art is the art produced by modern-day artists. The style used in modern art includes contemporary art paintings, video art, performance, installation, photography, and sculpture. Contemporary art has a wide range of subject matters, themes, and concepts, making it challenging to define, especially for someone new to art. An example is the famous impressionist paintings at

Viewers of contemporary art define it as either interesting or challenging. On the other hand, contemporary artists question the traditional definition of art, its constitution, and how it is made.

Characteristics of Contemporary Art

• It is built on abstract expressionism
• Contemporary artworks are artistic, original and leave the author’s mark
• Instruments to make contemporary artworks often change with the use of technology increasing
• It seeks to express in different forms and has a legacy of artistic vanguards
• It stresses the expressions of emotions and the self
• It uses bold colours and symbolic content

Significance of Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is significant as it shows us that art is intertwined with life and the world we live in. This art practice is an exchange between the spectator and the artist instead of object or image in the art. Contemporary art paintings, for example, make one seek coherence, order, and questions.

Contemporary Art Styles

Some contemporary art styles include:

• Abstract art: Art derived from unnatural objects, such as geometric formats, shapes, and patterns. This type of art, such as a contemporary painting, is based on figures and landscapes and portrays purity, spirituality, and simplicity. Abstract art focuses on compositions, patterns, textures, lines, and colours.
• Pop art: This style emerged as a reaction to consumerism, mass media, and commercial cultures. Artists in pop art use common items such as road signs, bottle cans, comic strips, and newspapers to pass on their message. Artists can incorporate celebrity images, logo designs, and names into their artwork.
• Sculpture art: This is a three-dimensional art comprising carving, modelling, casting, and constructing.
• Typography: This is an art style that utilizes existing and modern typefaces for text arrangement and appropriate message delivery. Typeface design letters express particular feelings, techniques, and brand identity. Typography is an essential aspect of the art design used in the web design and print industry.

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Contemporary and modern art can be very confusing. As an English person, you might think they mean the same yet they are art done at different times. That is why art is said to have a hidden meaning. Contemporary arts were done after 1970 after modern art. The artistic work was more on what is in front of the artist and trending. Many artists were trying on what works with what. It reflected mostly traditions, social and real-life issues.