The Italian shower is a heritage of ancient Rome, having a simple and attractive aesthetic it has become more and more popular nowadays. Its adaptability is its main feature. The Italian shower is based on the principle of being a walk-in shower. That is, the base of the shower, the shower tray is at the same level as the floor. The water is drained by means of a siphon which is incorporated into the tray. There are many designs of Italian shower but the principle remains the same: the Italian shower is above all a simplified shower.

Why choose an Italian shower?

But more than that, the Italian shower is an adaptable shower, where do you want to put it, in a corner, in the middle of the room, along a wall,... it will be easily adaptable. The Italian shower has an enlarging effect. That is to say that the tray being at the same level as the floor gives an impression of having more space. Among the reasons why you will choose an Italian shower is its ease of maintenance. There is a wide range of designs to suit alltastes.

Designs for a luxurious bathroom

By consulting on the internet you will be able to have an overview of the designs that exist. But here are some tips. There can be many types of shower trays, but the materials that give a luxurious effect are marble and teak. To ensure the effect of the bathroom, the Italian shower and the whole bathroom should be matched beforehand. One factor that will enhance your bathroom is the column. It is best placed in height, but there are some designs that are worth the detour. The column can be recessed into the ceiling to give a warm rain effect.