many individuals with as much success. But what are the real health effects of these stones?

The principle of lithotherapy

Lithotherapy is a section of medicine called "alternative" medicine. It has been used for many years to promote meditation, restore balance and provide relief. As a holistic approach to health, lithotherapy considers the human being as a whole. It advocates the boldness of semi-precious and precious stones as well as the ability to convey harmony and aplomb to an organism. Minerals and stones have qualities as well as vibrations that aspire to help relieve psychological and physical stress. When they are worn as pendants or placed on chakras, some believe that they heal the organs to which they are naturally connected. Lithotherapy uses the energy of crystals to maintain the balance between mind, anatomy and spirit. Some see it as erasing emotional barriers and benefiting from awareness. The energy of the crystals would be combined with their shape, colour and chemical composition. According to this perception, crystals are terrestrial emissaries of telluric and cosmic energies. They thus have a tangible relationship with the apparent vigours of the universe (sacred geometries of creation, stars, elements...). They contain vigorous energies that they communicate to all those who know how to use them with respect and wisdom. In short, lithotherapy is an ancestral art allowing the power of semi-precious or precious stones to create a balance between mind, soul and body. This ancient science would aim to help us corporally, but also spiritually and psychologically, by releasing emotional barriers and strengthening consciousness. It would work for everyone, young and old, and would even work in plants, animals and habitats. The typical energy of a specific stone would derive from its chemical composition, colour, geometric configuration and provenance. Crystals would act both on your physical and subtle anatomy, and would be acting medians, harmonizing, among other things, your chakras (your bioenergetic centers). They would be immediately joined to the energy symbolized in the Universal Whole. This stone therapy only exhorts from the macrocosm to the microcosm. All that surrounds us would then only be vibration. The stones would thus be formed strongly in the earth by a strong esotericism of the vigors of the universe and therefore, by their very nature, very vibratory. Their curative faculties would act on all the cells of your anatomy up to the most fleeting. Some minerals would have a tranquilizing effect (rose quartz, aquamarine...), others would incite (fire opal, ruby...), others still would have a reconstituting or protective effect (obsidian or black tourmaline...).

Stones, their virtues and benefits

According to lithotherapy, each mineral spreads an energy that is unique and beneficial to everyone. This energy depends on its characteristics: colour (also called chromotherapy), crystalline geometry, chemical combination, level of nitescence... The properties of the stones give a general, psychic and physical ease which helps to facilitate personal development. The minerals can, indeed, interfere with your inner vibrations in order to relieve you, to give you back belief in yourself, or to assist you in the fight against negative disorders (anxiety, jealousy, envy, stress...). However, this stone therapy cannot replace classical medicine, although it can greatly facilitate its operation by generating a state of mind favourable to healing. It can also help in the prevention of diseases.

Stones and the human body: what possible interferences?

All accounts of lithotherapy accurately describe the scientifically well-established symmetry characteristics of crystals: harmony of crystal interlacing at the nuclear scale or "reticular precept", harmony of compositions at the morphological dimension or "crystal system". Then they move on to the "vibratory" composition and that's where it all gets confused. For the lithotherapists, the spaths would be in possession of energy and would spread vibrations, electromagnetic or from another universe, unknown. It is perfectly legal to make analyses of possible vibrations in crystals, whether at the level of the constituent molecules, atoms or the crystal lattice. It is known that any pulsation in a solid can be drawn as the accumulation of a certain number of "regulatory" modes, phonons, simple lattice pulsations. These play an important role in physical characteristics such as the ability to propagate sound, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and heat capacity. Strangely enough, virtually all lithotherapists are unfamiliar with the concept of phonons. That being said, can stones spread pulsations? As is the case with other substances, stones can do this, but they need to be given energy. Without an external stimulus, there will be no emission of electromagnetic waves. The stones will not spread on their own, due to an alleged origin of inner force. Bioenergeticians don't seem to know this. A good illustration is that of laser projection: a ruby stone will spread laser radiation only when it has been previously "sucked" to a masterly degree of resolution, an action that requires a great deal of resolution. This is a collective rule and is not unique to stones. Consequently, it applies to fluorescence. The sparkling gnomon numerals of some early 20th century watches, for example, were only visible in the dark because the zinc powder, having been doped with zinc sulphide, with which they were covered, contained so much radioactive radium.

Health effects of lithotherapy

A crystal usually favours intuition, and the one who will call you will frequently be the right one. You can let yourself be carried away by the configurations, the nuances or learn about the characteristics and benefits of each crystal. To be protected and anchored, consider darker stones such as tiger's eye, obsidian or tourmaline. For anything emotional or heart-touching, green and pink stones work miracles. To help you, here is a presentation of some crystals and their benefits. The eye of tiger, for example, is used to reassure oneself. This stone helps to protect yourself during difficult times. It stabilizes disorders to avoid being overwhelmed by stress as well as obsolete understandings. Tiger's eye boosts self-confidence and motivation. The obsidian is used to calm suffering. It swallows and protects from obsolete energies. It also has virtues against cramps and pain in the joints. Amethyst is used against insomnia and stress. The stone calms, evacuates stress and helps to avoid insomnia. This fine purple crystal promotes meditation and concentration. As for the virtues of the stones against body aches and pains, they relieve headaches, migraine and muscle aches. Rose quartz is used for self-confidence and love. The stone brings spirituality, serenity, calm and peace. It promotes healing, psychic or physical, emotional wounds, softens hearts and optimizes self-confidence. In short, it is the crystal of love par excellence.

How to use crystals?

There are many techniques for using crystals and taking advantage of their benefits. They can be worn as jewellery - stone jewellery -, be placed under the pillow while sleeping at night, in a handbag, in a large size at home, or be worn in the hands for meditation. Crystals charge and discharge energy. In order to keep their positive effects, they must be maintained and cleaned. There are four (04) main processes for crystal purification: purification by water, burying the crystals, and purification by fumigation and salt. Be careful, however, as not all crystals can withstand the same style of maintenance. Also note that the larger the size of a crystal, the less essential it is to polish it often to relieve it of the boldness it no longer needs. Crystal therapy, like shiatsu or acupuncture, works like shiatsu or acupuncture, and involves placing crystals on specific points on the body so that they can communicate their energy and benefits to the parts of the body that require care. You may as well do a meditation with a crystal by using its effectiveness on the chakras. For a perfect use, also remember to refill, in addition to cleaning your crystals often enough. Indeed, as you use them, their energy will be drained, as it will be communicated to you. To do this, you have the natural energies of the earth, the sun and water.