Abstract art developed especially towards the beginning of the 20th century. This technique uses the canvas as a support. The artist has many choices on the painting used. To paint, he has the option of acrylic paint and oil paint. Acrylic paint is the most popular because it is easy to work with.

Painting a painting with acrylic paint

Once you have gathered all the necessary painting materials: canvas, brushes, paint, etc. you can start painting your modern painting. Some artists use an easel to paint, while others are comfortable placing their canvas directly on the floor. Everyone has their own technique for applying acrylic paint to the painting. Knowing however that the goal is to give the best texture to your creation. Knowing how to mix colors is very important in abstract art. The colours express the emotions you want to evoke.

Why acrylic paint?

Acrylic paint goes very well with the realization of modern painting. Not only is this material odourless, but it is very practical. In addition, acrylic paint is economical because it is cheaper than oil paint. Apart from that, it dries quickly after application. This reduces the strain in terms of drying time. Acrylic paint also gives a better texture to the painter's line. Because of its various advantages, this paint is used by most painters.

Preparation of the painting

If the choice of the paint to be used is essential for painting a modern painting, it is the same for the techniques to be adopted. To do this, start to put a background texture. You can, for example, spread gesso on your canvas to reframe your creation. If you don't want to prepare your canvas, opt for a paper type to make your work easier. Be aware that you must draw lines with a pencil before starting your painting. These lines will have to be painted before you start drawing. Good luck!