A painting is not a simple work of art, it is also a message that the artist sends back to those who see it, a suggestion or a way to express what he feels at the moment he created it. It is the fruit of a sometimes unreal imagination and an inspiration from the world around him. This makes him an exceptional man!

The works of Jean Fusaro

He painted many canvases that conquered France. Most of them reflect a specific place such as "Evening on the Sea in Sète", "The Port of Sète", "A raging sea" or "The Roofs of the Bario in Barcelona". However, he did not only paint real facts, but also imaginations such as "the return of fishing", "Against the light" or "Cargoes at mooring". Apart from that, he is also a watercolourist, and since 1990, he has produced admirable murals and monumental paintings. The largest he has ever designed is that of the Church of Saint-Jacques-des-Arrêts, with a height of more than 8 metres.

Estimate of Fusaro's paintings

Prices vary according to the quality of the canvas and the dimensions. Generally, the estimate is between 1000 to 1500 euros for most of his paintings whose dimensions are on average between 33 x 46 cm. We can quote for example :
  • Sète, boats at quay
  • Sete, joust on the Grand Canal
  • L'étang de Thau Oil
  • Sète, the short point
  • Landscape at dusk near Sète
  • Sète, boats at quay
These are only a few examples, but the artist has many other paintings, whose value is among these averages. For paintings with a size of 22 x 33 cm, the estimate is between €800 and €1,000.

The price that exploded the sales

Some of Fusaro's paintings have made exceptions. "The View of Aveiro", a painting painted in 1963, made a big bang for a price of more than 10,000 euros his estimate, unbelievable, but true! On the other hand, "Les Remorqueurs" also exceeded 1500 euros, hence its value is estimated at 3200 euros. Therefore, needless to say, Fusaro attracts many art lovers to his auctions, even for his old works. Currently, he exhibits his paintings in several galleries.