Nowadays, with just a few clicks, you can find easy appetizer recipes, whether it's a hot or cold starter, without paying a penny. You want to concoct something original for an occasion or simply to please your loved ones? Here are a few ideas...

Why an entrance?

In the French tradition, during a convivial meal or at a reception, starters are a must, before serving the main course. The main distinction is : The cold starter: raw vegetables in different forms and presentations, terrines, verrines, savoury mousses... And the hot starter: like puff pastries, pancakes, soups, etc. In any case, you'll be spoilt for choice online, whether it's an appetizer for a family meal, a wedding, a birthday, a reunion... Cook and enjoy with your friends and family unusual appetizers that will please little gourmets.

Mimosa eggs, in a different way!

The following recipe is a cold starter that is a recipe from grandma. But over the years, we have improved it to get a tastier taste. For 4 people 4 eggs 4 tomatoes cut and pitted according to the desired shape for presentation 1 large box of crab crumbs 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise grated cheese salt, pepper, parsley, chopped parsley Cook the eggs to make hard-boiled eggs. Then remove the shell and cut them in half (use original knives for a unique presentation). Take good care of the presentation. Remove the yolks and put them in a bowl. Stir in the mayonnaise, crabmeat, grated cheese, salt and pepper and mix. Then garnish the eggs with this mixture. Finish with a few sprigs of parsley to decorate the egg. Arrange the tomatoes on the plate according to your wishes. And you can put a teaspoon of mayonnaise to accompany the dish. The advantage of the cold starter is that it can be prepared a long time in advance!!

Brain carrots with béchamel sauce

The next recipe is a hot starter. You will need : Béchamel sauce 1 fresh brain Parsley, chopped Thyme or other aromatic herbs, according to your taste Pepper Grated cheese Garlic For the pancake batter: 200g flour, 750ml whole milk, 250ml beer or cider, butter and 1 fresh egg. Put the flour in a bowl and melt the butter and egg. Then add a pinch of salt before stirring in the milk and beer. Mix quickly to avoid lumps. Leave to stand for 1 to 2 hours. In addition, cook the brains. Add the herbs, pepper, salt and garlic. Add olive oil. Then garnish the pancakes before rolling them up. Before serving, pour the béchamel sauce and scatter the cheese, finishing with the sprig of parsley as a decoration.