A simpler definition of urban furniture is everything (furniture) found outside. However, it goes beyond that. Urban furniture includes things like litter bins and park benches in public and private sectors like shopping centers, parks and streets. Check out a number of different street furniture online to know what it means when you see this term.

Street furniture (the other name) is pieces shared equally by everyone in that area. They are fixed in different places and have specific use from sitting to throwing your rubbish. However, urban furniture is more than just bins and benches. It includes what the public want and where they want it.

Therefore, urban furniture can refer to a wide range of items like:

  • Bus stops for information display
  • Bike racks
  • Picnic tables
  • Streetlights
  • Planters
  • Seats
  • Water fountains
  • Parasols
  • Bollards

They can be obsolete; for example, phone boxes are no longer needed todays, which were once important urban furniture.

How does street furniture make the outdoor look better

Urban furniture offers character and comfort to the public and private sectors by making people enjoy and have a better outdoor experience. Most people don’t realise the importance of urban furniture until it is no longer there, imagine a park without sitting areas.

Urban furniture can be divided into categories based in their function:

  • Illumination or information display
  • Shelter
  • Rest
  • Waste disposal

Litter bins

Furniture for waste management or disposal includes several types of litter bins ranging from swinging or fixed, small or large, pet waste, recyclables, and with or without lids. It is important to consider different ways the space can be used before selecting a certain type of litter bin.


The main reason for having urban illumination is to offer safety, especially at night, by adding visibility. Security lights can be used to pinpoint particular areas within a certain space, like a path for pedestrians or cyclists alongside the road. Some street lighting fixtures can be used for information display, passing different information to the intended audience.


There are several kinds of seating in the rest category of street furniture online, from loungers and seats to benches and picnic tables. The main purpose is to offer a place to reflect, rest and contemplate outdoor looks. Again, it is essential to consider why the seat is being provided in a certain area before selecting a certain type.

In a nutshell

Urban furniture covers a huge field, more than the above short introduction. Other than normal furniture, urban furniture can include things like playground equipment. Therefore, it is important to analyse people’s needs first when deciding on the street furniture to install.