Published on : 07 April 20223 min reading time

Renting a small yacht is a fantastic way to hit the sea in style. A yacht offers an amazing personal experience coupled with luxury. The choice of amenities largely depends on the size of the boat and your personal preference. Therefore, many companies that provide yacht rental in Split have several packages to cater for varying customer needs.

Most customers rent a yacht for a few days to a week. This is the reason why most companies price their yacht rental services based on a week of use. However, it is still possible to hire the vessel for a day.

The Cost of Boat Hire for a Day

The cost of yacht rental for a day can be anything between $1,500 and $20,000. Several factors determine the rental price, as discussed below.

  • The size: The size of the yacht matters a lot. A small yacht may require about two to four crew to offer all the services that you need. However, as the boat gets larger, you may need a bigger team.
  • Amenities on board: Some popular amenities include a bar, swimming pools, waterfalls, wellness centres and a court where you can play a game such as a tennis court. There may be other amenities on the vessel, pushing the cost even higher.
  • Season: The price of renting yachts goes up during the summer season. There is a high demand for the vessels, and many customers are willing to pay a premium for the boat hire.

Are There Other Charges?

A few additional costs may be associated with running the small yacht for the day. Most leasing firms add these costs to their rental charges. Here are the most significant ones.

Provisioning Allowance

The provisioning allowance is usually 20% to 25% of the base price of the yacht. You are required to pay this fee before embarking on your journey. The allowance is an expense account that the captain uses during your charter. At the end of the trip, you will receive a detailed account of the money and get back any unused funds. In some cases, the captain may ask you to replenish the account if it runs dry during the charter. However, most companies ask you to set up a broker’s account that takes care of costs until after the trip.

Value Added Tax

The charter price for the day usually includes all the taxes. Sometimes this may not be the case. The value-added tax is based on the jurisdiction where you are chartering a yacht. These taxes vary significantly from one location to another. Here is an example. The VAT in the Bahamas is 6%, while that of Florida, is 6%. France charges 20% while Spain charges 21%.


The yacht usually requires the charterer to purchase a form of travellers insurance called cancellation and curtailment insurance. For short day charters, most companies will just add a provision for the insurance.

If you are not chartering the yacht in its regular cruising ground, you will be asked to pay for the delivery. This is usually to cost of fuel to your location.

Many yacht hire companies have an all-inclusive and plus-expenses package for their yacht. The all-inclusive package caters for the crew, water sports, fuel, food and drinks, and diving experiences. However, you may have to pay for dockage and taxes separately. The plus-expenses package charges you just for the rental cost, and you take care of each of the other expenses separately.