If asked, a large portion of the entire population globally has traveling as one of their favorite leisure activities. Traveling not only entails touring internationally but also domestically. Since tourism is a highly sought-after activity, this has led to growth in the traveling industry, with the increased emergence of companies offering car rental services. Consequently, Car Hire Excess Insurance has ceased being a foreign concept, as it is closely tied to car rental services.

To some extent, the significance of insurance has always been contested. Most people, if not all, are optimists and do not anticipate bad things to happen to them or their property. However, this mindset does not keep harm away. On account of this, insurance comes in handy. In the event of any accident or loss, insurance shields one from suffering a loss or incurring ridiculously high expenses. Car hire excess is one of the insurance packages that go a long way in protecting those who have rented cars.

Regarding our main topic, the answer is yes. You can buy an excess waiver when picking your rental car. Also referred to as excess insurance, excess waiver insurance is a non-compulsory policy. The aim of this insurance cover is to shield you from additional expenses in a case where the hire car is wrecked or lost. Another term for excess is deductible, which is used to refer to the money you would owe the rental company after having damaged or lost their car.

How Does Excess Waiver Work?

Since purchasing the policy is optional, you may decide not to buy car rental excess insurance. So long as you are comfortable taking the risk, there is no harm in lacking excess waiver while having a hire car under your care. All the same, it is worth noting that the expenses may go beyond 2000 Euros. The charges are reliant on your car rental company, the kind of damage, and the travel destination. 

Therefore, when thinking twice about purchasing a car hire excess insurance compare to the price you would have to pay for failing to have this policy and something happens to the hired car. If you choose to purchase excess insurance, you may either buy the policy from the car rental company or from independent alternatives. 

In most cases, buying from the car rental company is usually more costly, yet their covers are less comprehensive compared to getting them elsewhere. There are numerous companies out there selling all-inclusive excess waiver covers at pocket-friendly costs. In addition to this, there is an option to buy an annual car hire excess insurance or purchase a policy that covers shorter durations.

What Are the Benefits of Excess Waiver?

You may ask yourself, is it worth buying car hire excess insurance? Or, do I need excess protection car hire? To both of these questions, the answers are yes and yes. There are numerous benefits to enjoy from having an excess waiver. These are:

  1. Protection from excess charges if at all the hire car will be stolen or ruined. As we hope that nothing bad happens to the car in the course of your travel, we all know that cars get into accidents or are stolen every other day. We cannot ignore the fact that the probability of loss or damage is non-negligible. With this in mind, you would not want to face hefty charges if any of these things happen as your travel. The simplest way out is getting an excess waiver, to mitigate the consequences of losing or getting the car ruined.
  2. Peace of mind. Chances are that you would be renting a car to travel around, have a good time and relax your mind. It would therefore make no sense embarking on your journey being restless and constantly worried about the safety of the hire car. Purchasing an excess waiver is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes along with the guarantee of safety if at all anything would happen in the course of your travel.

It is highly likely that you will be driving the rented car on unfamiliar roads and maybe in foreign regions governed by new road use rules. This increases the chances of getting into an accident that will damage the car. Also, you may have little understanding of the security of the places you will be moving around with the car. This implies that the car can be stolen. The bottom line is since you can purchase excess waiver as you pick your rental car, it is wise buying this policy.