For most people all over the world, the day starts with a cup of their favourite beverage, coffee included. Coffee is one of the best options for people looking for a caffeine boost to help them stay active. Some people may also order another cup of coffee from your favourite cafe during the day to keep the fatigue away. But have you ever thought about preparing your favourite coffee at home? Nowadays, there are numerous coffee-making kits you can use to make your favourite drink at home. There also numerous instant coffee brands that you can purchase from online stores like All you need are some tips for making the perfect coffee and then add your creativity. Below is a guide on how you can make your own barista-style coffee at home.

Choose your favourite coffee

When it comes to making coffee, people have varying tastes. Some people will prefer buying whole bean coffee while others prefer high-quality instant coffee like Carte Noire Coffee. Carte Noir Coffe is best known for its intense aroma and flavour. Instant coffee will also eliminate the time required to make your coffee, as you will not be required to grind the coffee beans.

Invest in a scale if you are using whole beans

The next step after finding the best coffee beans is finding the best scale to ensure accuracy. Measuring the amount of coffee required using a scale will be more accurate than scooping the coffee with a spoon. For example, you need exactly 90 grams of whole bean coffee for making six cups of coffee in an automatic drip coffeemaker.

Only grind what you need

It is advisable to grind the amount you plan to use instead of grinding all your coffee beans at once. This will help you keep things fresh, plus you will eliminate the bitter taste caused by the evaporation of the oils released when you grind the beans.

Always store your coffee in a ceramic canister

A dark-coloured ceramic container is the best storage for your coffee as it can effectively shield it from light and keep it from freezing. Proper storage will help you maintain your coffee’s taste as it remains fresh and without any additional moisture from the air.

Use fresh filtered water

One common mistake that people make when making coffee at home is using raw water. You should use filtered water to keep other tastes away and keep the drink as smooth as possible. It is also advisable to use freshly boiled water because boiling water several times de-oxygenates it, killing your coffee’s flavour.

Determine the best brewing method for you

You should choose the best brewing method depending on your taste preferences since different brewing methods have varying results. For example, a French Press provides a bold dark flavour while an Automatic drip coffeemaker will give you an even, mild end product.

Use some additional flavours

Most people use syrups to sweeten their coffee, which can interfere with your Coffee Carte Noir intense aroma. The best alternative is to add more flavours to your homemade coffee by seasoning it with spices and other additives. For example, you can add a teaspoon of drinking chocolate and some squares of chocolate to your cup of coffee. These flavours are not too strong to eliminate the coffee’s aroma.

Clean your Coffeemaker regularly

Cleaning your coffeemaker regularly is another way of ensuring that you retain your coffee’s flavour. Coffee produces oil, and the oil remains in the items you use. If you don’t clean your coffeemaker after use, the oil on the pot will make your coffee taste like it's burnt.