Would you like to help your child to improve his or her math skills? Are you a high school student with concerns about this previous subject? In both cases, the best solution is to follow or have your child follow private lessons. However, you should ask yourself one question before contacting the teacher: How much does a private math class cost?

Are the prices fixed or variable?

It is true that there is a fee schedule for private tutoring. However, the answer to the above question will depend on several criteria. The most important point is none other than the location of the course. Will the teacher travel to your property? If the answer is "Yes", he or she will have to spend extra money on transportation. If he lives a few metres from your house, this cost will not be too high. However, if his home is on the other side of town, it may be more profitable to look for another teacher. It may be more economical and more cost-effective. Why not get around this problem and travel to the teacher's home to attend classes? This option is perfectly feasible. However, there is a small detail to consider. The student is more comfortable if he or she works in a familiar environment. Thus, he will be more concentrated in his room or living room than in the teacher's office.

Do you know the teacher's qualification?

This is sometimes overlooked by many people. It is important to remember that the price of the private tuition will vary according to the teacher's qualifications. If the teacher comes from a large school, it is quite normal that his or her fees are quite high. If not, he should not charge a large sum. There is, however, one point to be made clear: courses offered by teachers with fairly low prices are not necessarily of poor quality.

What class is the apprentice in and how long will the training last?

The student's level of education plays a crucial role in the billing of the courses. Generally speaking, it is easier to teach a student at the Collège than it is to teach an apprentice in the senior class. Furthermore, the length of the learning process must be taken into account. Don't forget that teachers charge by the hour. A recent survey shows that a mathematics course is charged, on average, 20 € per hour.